Young woman suffers Crohns diseasesees her own stomach EXPLODE open after botched op

A YOUNG woman has described the sickening moment her life turned into “a horror film” when her stomach exploded after botched hospital treatment.
Chloe Meade, from Caldicot, South Wales, said she could see straight into her stomach when a scar from an operation opened into a 20cm gaping wound.Home Phone Internet Bundle

The rupture left a 20cm gaping wound

The 21-year-old feels lucky to be alive after the botched emergency operation to clear an abscess on her bowel.
ust weeks later the operation scar became extremely infected and swollen, which eventually triggered the gruesome stomach explosion.

The support worker had to pack her wound with bandages for weeks, but incredibly she has now fully recovered.

She recalled: “It was like something out of a horror film – my scar opened up completely.Home Phone Internet Bundle

“I could see straight through my scar into my stomach, and it needed months of packing with bandages before it started to heal.”

Karen mum

Miss Meade was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when she was 11 years old and suffered occasional moderate stomach pains as a result.
But, in January this year she was rushed to hospital after being crippled by excruciating abdomen agony.

Miss Meade said: “I thought after the operation to remove the abscess the worst was over.

“When I woke up and saw the 20cm scar running down my stomach I felt relieved that my ordeal was over.

“But I caught an infection and treatment caused my body to swell, I looked and felt awful.

“I was in hospital for three-months before I could come home, it was such a relief when the wound started to heal.”
Doctors at the hospital believe the steroids administered to fight the infection caused her to quickly gain weight and caused her wound to rip.Home Phone Internet Bundle

Miss Meade is now due to undergo a scan to check whether she is at risk from a perforated bowel.

If so, she would require yet another hospital operation.
he said: “Fingers crossed I won’t need one, but if I do it won’t be the end of the world.

“I can finally go out with friends and enjoy myself, I hope my story helps other people with the condition.”

The young beautiful blonde has thanked her supportive family, in particular her mum, Karen, 47, “who has been a rock throughout it all”.

Miss Meade has since joined up with the Get Your Belly Out campaign, which raises awareness about Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS).Home Phone Internet Bundle

Chloe Meade's scar has now healed

She has been overwhelmed by the “fantastic response” on social media and remains upbeat about her future.
She said: “After everything in the past nine-months all I can do it laugh about it all.

“There is still a small opening in my stomach and lately that has been letting out air.

“It makes such a funny noise that it sounds as though I’m letting off wind.

“I used to be really embarrassed of my Crohn’s but now I want to do as much as possible to raise awareness. ”

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