Mom gave kids heroin and Called it ‘Sleeping Juice’

Parents charged with injecting their three kids with HEROIN telling them ‘it’s feel-good medicine’ at home infested with rat droppings

The couple were charged after their son, six, and daughters, aged four and two, were found living in ‘deplorable conditions’ in home in Washington, US. Investigators said they found puncture marks and bruising consistent with needle injections on the children’s bodies after they were removed from the home.

A COUPLE have appeared in court after cops said they injected their three children with heroin and kept them in a home which was littered with used needles and rats droppings.

Ashlee Hutt, 24, and Leroy “Mac” McIver, 25, from Washington state in the US, allegedly told their son, six, and daughters, aged four and two, they were getting “feel good medicine” and “sleep juice.”


They were charged with assault of a child in the second degree, unlawful delivery of a controlled substance to a person under 18, as well as criminal mistreatment in the second degree.

Ashlee Hutt, 24, is accused of injecting her children with heroin

Mac Leroy McIver, 25, is also accused of abusing the children

Hutt faces charges of child assault, criminal mistreatment and giving a controlled substance to an underage child

Ashlee Rose with LeRoy McIver

The News Tribune reported Child Protection Services noticed marks – including bruises and a cut – on one of the children, which were usually associated with heroin injection.

Their son described in an interview how his father choked him before injecting him with “feel good medicine.”

He allegedly said they mixed a white powder with water, then used a needle so they could inject it into him and his sisters.

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