Medical examiner: Young mother found dead along with infant son died of natural causes

The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Friday that Sara Kessler, 22, died from bronchial pneumonia March 6, before the death of her son, Casey. The 9-month-old boy was left alone with no one to take care of him, and died from dehydration.

“I had some resentment feelings toward her,” Knaus said Monday.

After Kessler’s death, there was speculation that she died from an overdose, leaving her son alone to starve. The medical examiner’s findings rule that out.Donate Your Car for Kids

“I asked him flat out if drugs played any part in my sister’s death, and his answer to me was, ‘Absolutely not,'” Knaus said.

Knaus said he never suspected drugs, and knew that his sister had been sick.

“I took her to Med Express because she wasn’t feeling well. She was vomiting,” said Knaus. “They treated her for dehydration, and they said she had a virus.”Donate Your Car for Kids

According to police, the woman and her son were found dead when Knaus went to the Chrismar Apartments in Millvale to check on them. Knaus said the door was unlocked and, despite neighbors claiming they heard Casey crying for days, no one went inside until Knaus did.Donate Your Car for Kids

“It was horrific. It was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. That’s the hardest thing about this, just getting those images out of my head,” said Knaus.Donate Your Car for Kids

Police said Kessler’s mother died of natural causes in the same apartment in November.

Knaus said their mother’s death, combined with his sister’s death and all the speculation, had been nearly unbearable.Donate Your Car for Kids

“A lot of people said some really negative things about her,” Knaus said. “My life will never be the same.”

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