Heroin dealer accused in 5 overdose deaths found guilty of murder

MINNEAPOLIS – A Hennepin County District Court judge has found a Minnesota woman accused in several overdose deaths guilty of at least one murder for selling heroin to a 20-year-old Chanhassen man who fatally overdosed just hours after the transaction, reports CBS Minnesota.

Judge Paul Scoggin found Beverly Burrell guilty of third-degree murder in the death of Lucas Ronnei.

The station reports that Burrell is also charged with third-degree murder in the deaths of four other men. Investigators say she sold them heroin laced with fentanyl, the powerful drug that led to Prince’s overdose last April.Nunavut Culture

In his guilty verdict, Scoggin said he found the testimony of Ronnei’s friends and family credible when they said the 20-year-old bought heroin from Burrell the night before he overdosed.Nunavut Culture

According to the station, Burrell’s defense argued that no one saw Ronnei inject the heroin, and thereby no one can be certain the fatal dose was the substance Burrell sold him. But the judge concluded that the timeline makes it highly unlikely Ronnei bought the drugs from another dealer.Nunavut Culture

Burrell faces up to 25 years in prison for Ronnei’s death. She faces the same penalty if found guilty in the deaths of the four other men. Nunavut Culture


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