Depend on it, at first look this short film at first makes for uncomfortable and standing up to survey.

Titled ‘Downtown Divas’ it sees Eastern Europe’s whores, their bodies attacked by heroin compulsion, sharing their personal stories to camera. No make-up, no sleek alters, simply genuine ladies unfiltered, unedited and completely in their own particular words.Car Insurance Quotes Colorado

While their appearances are irritating, underneath the surface lie stories of more joyful lives, ones loaded with sentiment, desire and excellence. All deplorably ate up and supplanted with the day by day cycle of medication mishandle and prostitution.Car Insurance Quotes Colorado

Before the end, those underlying sentiments of stun (and even loathsomeness at their weakness and slight bodies) will be supplanted with varying feelings.Car Insurance Quotes Colorado

Bitterness for they way each has apparently lost their direction and sympathy that at their extremely center each of them resembles some other individual from society.Car Insurance Quotes Colorado


Lamentably incidentally their fantasies, trusts and interests got to be distinctly blurred by heroin and pulverized by dependence.

How did their stories make you feel?Car Insurance Quotes Colorado

Car Insurance Quotes Colorado

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