Finally Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved! Researchers Find Main Source of Pain

Finally, Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved!

Researchers came to know that the root cause of pain in fibromyalgia does not stem from a brain. This finding contradicts the old beliefs and myths said about fibromyalgia. It was thought that it’s just an imaginary disease and it has no relation with the reality. People and doctors consider it a psychological or self-imagined disease. But now some information about this disease has been revealed after a lot of studies and it is said that the pain originates from areas having the excess of blood vessels like hands, legs, and foot.Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved

Researchers Find Main Source of Pain in Blood Vessels.

These studies open a new world of treatment and even complete cure in coming days for about more than 5 million American, who have this disease. In order to solve this mystery, researchers zeroed in on the hand of a person who had lost sensory sensations and had reduced reaction to pain. They took samples from the patient’s hand and surprisingly found that there was an excessive amount of nerve fiber called “arteriole-venule shunts”.

Up till now, it was thought that arteriole-venule fibers were responsible for regulating the blood flow and they have nothing to do with the pain sensation, but now it is thought that they have a direct link with pain experienced in fibromyalgia.

This research has answered many questions like why fibromyalgia patients have extreme pain in hands foot, as well as deep tissue pain. They have many “tender points “throughout the body. Debilitating fatigue was also the main symptom of this disease.

Neuroscience Dr.Deloph L.Mike explained: that blood vessel was previously thought that these nerve fibers are only involved in regulating the blood flow at a subconscious level, butthat blood vesselending play role in our conscious sensation of touch and even pain.  Rice said: This mismanaged blood flow can cause extreme muscle camps and achiness, and feeling of fatigue which once thought was due to lactic acid accumulation and mild inflammation in fibromyalgia patients. This can lead to brain hyperactivity.

Treatment which is used for this disease is not completely effective in relieving extreme pain the patients suffers. Treatment includes, narcotic pain relievers, anti-depressants and anti-seizure drugs. Patients are advised to sleep more and exercise regularly. Now the cause is highlighted patients are hopeful for complete cure, others are frustrated for the pain they had already suffered.Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved

One commenter said: When are, they going to figure out thing that are never” all in your head”.  He said when they don’t figure out the root the root cause of certain disease, they consider patients that they are crazy and out of mind. Before it’s invention people have suffered alot. The only solution to an unknown problem is not to prescribe SSRIs or lobotomy or hysterectomy.Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved

This announcement is the ray of hope for the patients that they are going to b cured from this painful disease and better treatment options are available now.

Researchers have discovered a Brain Signature that Identifies & Treat Fibromyalgia


Patients with fibromyalgia showed improved ability to show repulsiveness to factors causing great physical, mental pain and also to the non-painful sensations joined by different neural reactions. These neural changes have diagnostic character involving their specificity and sensitivity to FM is not clearly understood.  We have found a brain mark that explains the pathophysiology Of FM at neural level.Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved

They used machine based technology to find out this brain based Fibromyalgia signature. When the patients having, FM were given a painful stimuli, they showed worse neurological pain signature.Finally

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According to a study published in newest edition of the journal PAIN, scientists have found the cerebral mark that recognize the conditions with 93per accuracy.

The centers for disease Control and prevention(CDC)access the performance and concluded that every year there are 10 million sufferers in U.S, women being greatly affected than men.

Fibromyalgia was hard to cure due to unknown pathology and side effects due to other minor illness.

The specialist of university of Colorado Boulder uses MRI to check the brain function by gathering 370 fibromyalgia patients and 135 control patients that were exposed to collection of non-painful visual, sound related, material signals in addition to painful pressure

This multi sensory testing allows the scientists to identify the development of the 3 sub markers, or neurological sign, that are related to the mental suffering that explains fibromyalgia.Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved

Marina Lopez-Sola, a post-doctoral analyst in CU Boulder’s cognitive and Effective Control Laboratory said: The strange thing of this review was it provides potential-based apparatuses that can b used to provide information about certain degree of pathology related to brain that was the cause of their agony symptoms.  She was the lead creator of new review. The arrangement of apparatuses can might b used to identify the firm subtypes, which may be important for improving treatment.

Tor Wager who was executive of the cognitive and Affective Control Laboratory said;  contrary to the fact many high authorities have worked on clinical methods to identify fibromyalgia yet they do not know the root cause of patients pain and what’s going on neurologically in patients suffering from fibromyalgia. These mental measurements are potentially helpful in showing us what’s happens in cerebrum and what variations in shows that become the cause of patient’s pain. They can help us to actually understand what fibromyalgia is and disturbance of the focal sensory system and treat it in a better way.

In the long run, they can lead to give better information about cerebrum action that can lead to conclusion and it may b helpful in treatment fibromyalgia.

Lopez Sola said this work is very helpful in understanding of Fibromyalgia and it is the decisive step in predicting fibromyalgia as a cerebrum issue.

Doctor Feedbacks on this Research : Dr. Michael Curley : He said he had heard about this finding and it made total sense to him. That is why our pain can be everywhere. We are not crazy and this is one of the most debilitating diseases a person can get. Now they know where the pain is coming from, maybe they can find a way to heal us or stop the pain. That would be wonderful if we could get our lives back.

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