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John Lawless a 23 year decorated Police Officer of the Town of Haverstraw Police Department in Rockland County NY, was diagnosed with kidney disease a few short weeks after retiring in 2014. The severity of John’s medical condition is grave. He is in need of a kidney transplant, without one he will die. I apologize for putting it that way but those are John’s words and those that know John, know he speaks to the point. John is currently on dialysis 3 times a week 4 plus hours at a time. John has 3 kids, 2 sons and a daughter. Although John tries to put on a happy face and enjoy life he is quietly screaming for help from the inside.

John’s recent Facebook post puts it all in perspective for those that thought he was ok. He states, “Dialysis is very hard on the body John has served the public and this country his whole adult life. He served his country in the Army as a Military Police Officer from 1988 to 1996 and is a decorated veteran of the Persian Gulf War earning numerous medals along the way including the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. Before joining the Town of Haverstraw PD he worked at the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office for 2ys. John has also served his community as a Firefighter (Vice-President) with the Theills Fire Department. John’s life as a cop is decorated to say the least earning numerous awards including cop of the year in 2000. He is a member of the Haverstraw Elks Lodge #877 and is a former Exalted Ruler and current Secretary. As part of the Elks he has been involved in every aspect of community initiatives. His service to the community is exemplary. He was a local community volunteer and a special Olympics coach. He not only served the public but the men and women of the Town of Haverstraw PBA as the president. John has numerous affiliations, this and this alone is a clear sign of his commitment to not only public service but his community as well.but most of us have pride and suffer in silence, you would never know how sick I really am. Dialysis makes me weak, makes me throw up, makes me pass out, make me unable to eat, makes me confused but mostly makes me feel worthless. But looking at me you don’t see any of those things, you see a healthy looking guy, putting on a show to make himself feel he can beat the disease while trying to alleviate the fears of others. What I am saying is I need help. The average life expectancy on dialysis is 4-5 years. Please help me get a better chance at life. I’ve been doing this for 2 years and it gets harder every day, not to mention the stress factor. Please read this and pass this on, share it so I might live long enough to see my children graduate or have grandchildren, or even get to take them on a vacation without being hooked to a machine.”

That was written on August 4, 2016 and as of today August 18, 2016 John while on vacation in Florida with his kids found himself admitted (3 days prior) to the hospital because his Dialysis port clogged. This is a serious medical emergency as this port is his lifeline and without it, he could die. There he was waiting for surgery while his kids waited for him alone at the hotel. He was worried about being hooked up to a machine for dialysis on vacation and yet he ended up admitted to the hospital needing emergency surgery.

Unfortunately, the surgery to un-clot his lifeline was met with an additional problem consisting of a clot located from his clavicle to the to his bicep. By the grace of god, he found himself at the right place at the right time as the nephrology department at Tampa General Hospital is top of the line. Since John wasn’t able to do his dialysis treatment his potassium levels spiked and surgery was delayed. Medication and procedures were undertaken overnight in hopes of breaking up the clot. Again thank God for being in the right place at the right time because it is the leading hospital in the US with the Ekos Endowave Infusion Catheter System which is used to break up clots and clear the port. Today, August 18, 2016, the surgery was successfully completed and John is hoping to be discharged to enjoy his vacation with the kids. As John put it, “I’m good as new” a typical statement from a guy who makes things look better than they really are. He is a true inspiration to his kids and all of us.

John could use our help just as he has answered the call serving the public not only as a cop but as a community volunteer and the call to defend our freedom fighting for this county in the Army. A steadfast public servant, now for the first time needs our help. Let’s rally around John and share this fundraiser on your social media sites as well as your email contact list and ask others to do the same. With your help you will play an integral part in saving a life, a life of a hero who has helped others without hesitation.

The cost will be unbearable for anyone to handle alone but together we can ease that burden. The medication alone after the surgery cost thousands and is not covered. We have plans to get John on a donor list in another state too. This will hopefully speed up his chances of receiving a new kidney but that will come with a hefty cost. This fundraiser will assist in getting John where he needs immediately upon notification, aftercare, lodging and medication. Please help us help John.

To become a living donor and a lifesaver you can get screened to see if you are a match. You can set it up by calling the St. Barnabus Transplant Center at 973-322-5646 or Westchester Medical Center at 914-493-1990 and let them know you want to be tested for John Lawless. John’s blood type is B+, that means any B or O is compatible. Even if you are not a match you may be for someone else.

We will also be having a fundraiser, time and place to be announced. If you would like to be notified via email for updates, please email us at:

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