Baby Boy Starved To Death Alone After His Mom, 22, Died Of A Drug Overdose

A 9-month-old boy found dead in a Pittsburgh-area apartment is believed to have starved after his mother died of an apparent overdose.

The woman’s brother found the two dead early Friday morning when he went to check on his sister.

Sara Kessler, 22, had not been heard from for several days, Assistant Allegheny County police Superintendent James Morton said.

Morton said Kessler may have died a week or two earlier.How to Donate A Car in California

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Sara Kessler (pictured) lived with her 9-month-old son Casey on the second floor of an apartment block in Millvale, Pennsylvania. They were found dead by her brother after he hadn’t heard from her for several days

She was found on her bed, with the son, Casey, found in the living room.

He said there were no signs of foul play.

‘It’s a very sad situation in there,’ Morton told reporters outside the apartment in Millvale, just across the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh.How to Donate A Car in California

‘It seems like he [the infant] tried to survive but there was no food or anything for him to have.’

‘It looked like he was trying to get around somehow by himself for who knows how long.’

The woman’s mother died of natural causes in the same apartment in November, Morton said.

Police suspect the woman died of a drug overdose, and needles were found all over the apartment.

A former resident of the building told CBS Pittsburgh that Kessler was a drug addict and said that the family had tried to get her help many times.

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Kessler was known to be a drug addict by other residents of the building and it is suspected that she died of an overdose. Casey’s body was found in the living room – he is thought to have starved to death

The Millvale apartment building where Kessler and her son’s bodies were discovered. One former resident says that a neighbor did hear Casey’s cries after his mother’s death

No one else lives on the same floor of the apartment building and so no one heard Casey’s cries.

However, the same former resident claimed that a downstairs neighbor did hear Casey crying for up to two days but didn’t report it.

‘Now why she didn’t alert anybody, I don’t know. That baby never had a chance.’How to Donate A Car in California

Autopsies were scheduled for Saturday to officially determine the causes of death.

Three house cats were also found in the second floor apartment. Police say the animals survived because of an automatic feeder.How to Donate A Car in California

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