11 Signs To Detect Depression In Women

Women are almost twice as likely to get depressed as men, did you know? Although researchers haven’t found a definite answer as to why women are more prone to depDonate Cars in MAression, we can safely guess that one of the factors could be the constant social and familial pressure which is tenfold on women than men. Another reason could be the hormonal changes that are a constant part of a woman’s life. Nonetheless it is there, and there’s a constant struggle to ignore such a psychologiDonate Cars in MAcal issue. But ignoring the tale tell signs of depression never helps anyone.

These are the most common symptoms of depression you can look for when either yourself or a loved one aren’t quite themselves:Donate Cars in MA

  1. Fatigue:imagesPI5NN1F9Being unnaturally tired is one of the common symptoms of depression. Because if your mind isn’t on the right track your body never will be.
  2. Loss of Interest in previously cherished activities:70b87b1f-b8dd-4143-ada4-1ebc6ce444baDepressed people usually lose interests in things they earlier used to enjoy for example reading, partying, cooking etc.Donate Cars in MA
  3. Appetite:female-dieter-with-tape-over-mouthDepressed people either eat too much or they do not eat at all.
  4. Weight Loss:Mitchie-SarmientoWeight gain or loss could or could not be an effect. Sometimes the effect is the exact opposite as well.
  5. Lack in Concentrationimages8O8QAH0TDwelling on too many negative thoughts will not let you concentrate anyway.
  6. Sleeping too much or too little:Donate Cars in MAuntitledYes sleep gets affected more often than not. And thereby disrupts out every day routines too.
  7. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness:women-and-depression-signsDepression mainly makes us dwell on the negative thoughts and past crimes or struggles often resurface to double the effect.
  8. Irritability:Very frustrated angry woman screaming
    Well, with all those negative thoughts, you cannot expect anything else.
  9. Recurrent suicidal thoughts:Donate Cars in MAsuicide_girl_metaphore_by_sniperacexiii-d6fzhwjFeelings of worthlessness often makes you question your existence and the meaning behind it. Yes, there’s no meaning. But it’s no reason to trash away the beautiful gift of life.
  10. Physical illnesses, not responding to treatments:iStock_9831106%20teen%20and%20doctorRecurrent headaches, digestive issues and chronic pain are a part of a depressed person’s life. Treatments seldom work in this situation. Even if they do, they are often temporary.
  11. Irregularity in menstrual cycle:Donate Cars in MAirregular-submenuIt is a basic fact that, stress causes your period to delay so it’s only fitting that depression will have the same effects.

Remember, don’t ignore, but act!Donate Cars in MA

Author : Divya Singh

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